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(1) 12 oz bag:  $5.50
(2) 12 oz bags: $5.99
3 or more bags:  FREE SHIPPING

Standard Shipping Prices
(Updated January 18, 2016)
(1) 12 oz bag:   $7.20
(2) 12 oz bags:  $10.75
(3) 12 oz bags:  $14.50
(4) 12 oz bags:  $17.10
(5) 12 oz bags:  $17.10
6 or more:  Email

Shipping prices are listed for priority mail. Because of the ever increasing cost of shipping we highly recommend you place your order by emailing us instead of using the online checkout process, especially for your first order.  It is possible we’ll find a much better deal for your location by using other shipping services.  We will find the best shipment method and email you an invoice with instructions to complete your order.

Customized Shipping Price – Save on Shipping
To get a customized shipping price or to pay with Bitcoin, please fill out the form below.  Select the box next to each coffee you’d like to purchase and include any special instructions in the Message Box (i.e. ‘Two bags of Costa Rica’, ‘Expedite’, etc).